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Bey365 Article - Playing open-ended and double-ended
These draws can be played much like a bey365 flush draw on the flop, even though the flush draw gives you nine brt365 outs, while these draws only give you eight. There are other drawbacks that affect the straight draw which do not affect the bbet365 flush draw. If there is alsi a flush draw on the flop, you might make your bey365 straight with the same card that fills your opponents's brt365 flush. For example, you hold 9-10 and your opponent holds bbet365 A-3 of hearts. The flop comes Ac 7h 8h. In this case, you will have eight bey365 cards to fill your straight, nut notice that if you fill it ith the 6h or the Jh, you would brt365 lose anyway, leaving you with only six pure outs. Even if you hit your nut bbet365 straight on the turn, your hand is still vulnerable to any of nine remaining hearts on the river.


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