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bet65 image bet265 and bet 635


Bet65 variations: bet265 and bet 635

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Bet65 Article - Flopping Straight Draws
There are three types of bet65 straight draws that we will cover in this bet265 section: open-ended draws, double belly-buster straight draws, and bet 635 gutshots. An open-ended straight draw would look somethin like this: You have 9-10 and the bet65 flop reads 7-8-2. In this bet 635 case, you have eight bet265 cards that would make your straight (four sixes plus your two jacks). Then there is the double belly-buster. Say you have 7-8 and the flop comes 4-6-10. Both a 5 and a 9 would make you a straight, which gives you the same amount of bet65 outs as the open-ended draw (eight). This draw would be exactly the same as an bet265 open-ended straight draw, except these belly-buster draws can be slightly more profitable since the hand is less obvious. Finally, we have the gutshot straight: You have 9-10 and the bet65 flop reads q-8-2. In this case, you can only make your straight with a bet 635 jack. The open-ended draws give you eight bet265 outs, while the gutshot gives you just four bet 635.

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