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Bet 356 Article - Playinf Flush Draws Out of Position
Playing marginal bet 356 flush draws is even more difficult when you are out of bet635 position. Let us get straight to an bet265 example: You are in the bet465 big blind with 8-9 of hearts in a raised multiway pot. The bet265 flop comes 2H 3H 10S. In this situation you should probably just check to the original raiser, especially if he raised from early position. If you were to bet out, there is a very good chance that the initial bet635 raiser will raise you to knock out the bet465 players behind him. Do not help him. Help yourself by keepeing them in! The worst case scenario for you is that your bet, coupled with your opponent's bet 356 raise, takes you to the turn bet465 heads up. Not good. So call. It is time to bet635 check raise, right? Wrong. If you check raise, you run the risk of the initial raiser three betting you in an attempt to thin the field. You want a big bet265 field, so check raising here is a bet 356 no-no.

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